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Denumire: Legaturi Cygnus

Producator: Cygnus

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Legaturi marimea M


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Echipa Rasport va ofera garantia unor produse de calitate, verificate de echipa noastra inainte de fiecare livrare.

449.00 Lei 199.00 Lei
  • - 56%

Material PE,
inclusiv legarea


  • Lungime: 130 cm
  • Greutatea maximă de utilizare: 70 kg

Snow Board Spartan 130cm

149.00 Lei

Legaturile S220 Black de la Raven sunt special concepute pentru incepatori si pentru cei care nu doresc sa investeasca foarte multi bani in echipament. Chiar daca sunt mai accesibile la pret, materialele sunt de calitate.


-Buckles: -Compus din fibre
-Foot bed: -Tampoane de cauciuc
-Allmountain / Freestyle Classic Series
-Toe cap-strap: -2D curea cu două sensuri
-Highback: -Simetric
-Material ușor din fibră
-Curea de gleznă: -3D-Tech
-Perfect pentru incepatori

299.00 Lei
  • NOU

Placa Freesport

Marime 157 CM

Produsul este NOU

790.00 Lei
  • NOU

Ftwo Spyro Air este cea mai tehnica leagatura produsa de Ftwo. Deja completa cu toate componentele echipei Spyro, Ftwo a mers mai departe cu sistenul Air Fit, confortul si performanta au fost in prim plan, iar rezultatul este unul remarcabil, sistemul Airback si Airstrap asigura o potrivire perfecta a boot-ului si confort fara precedent.

Placa de baza armata din fibra de sticla cu caputul din aluminiu 6065.

Suport pentru amortizare cu aer pentru maximum de confort.

Airstrap echipat cu noul sistem Airfit reglabil.

Dualflex Highback cu flexibilitate torsionala.

Catarame cu clichet indestructibile din alumiu forjat.

1150.00 Lei 699.00 Lei
  • - 39%
  • NOU

The "PYTHON" binding system is currently the most innovative system in the global soft binding market. The basic PYTHON system scores due to its significant basis that allows an easy step-in and step-out. The ratchet and strap free system and its simple construction with its few components allow resistance to damage as well as ultralight weight. Thanks to power straps and the One Time Disk-Angel Adjustment System (ODA™) the rider is ready to take on the slopes in just five seconds.

  • EASY TO OPEN - The ratchet and strap free binding system opens by pulling down the lever on the highback. The highback can now be easily folded over.
  • COMFORTABLE STEP-IN - By pulling down the highback, the top-strap which is resiliently mounted becomes loose. Now it is possible to step into the binding without tilting or getting caught.
  • QUICK FIXATION - By pulling up the lever on the highback, the top-strap generates tension which mounts the boot perfectly into the binding.
1050.00 Lei 650.00 Lei
  • - 38%
  • NOU
  • Padded and adjustable highback with anti-slippling EVA
  • Easily usable metall buckles with anti twisting protection
  • 3D shaped EVA accelerator
  • By the use of screws easy angle adjustment of the disc
  • Easily readable 4x4 disc
  • Highback adjustment on the nearest millimeter
  • Padded heel
  • And toestraps
600.00 Lei 369.00 Lei
  • - 39%
  • NOU
  • Fastening system: 2 x 4 | 4 x 4 disc

  • Flex: 4/10 - soft to medium

  • Delivery: 1 pair


  • Fiberglass reinforced Unibase base plate for maximum stability

  • TOE, heel- and Discpads EVA for perfect cushioning

  • Hi-back:

  • Duck Metrix highback

  • 3D molded EVA Highbackpad


  • anatomically shaped, padded air AirStrap

  • Anklestrap with toolless length adjustment
1000.00 Lei 499.00 Lei
  • - 50%
  • NOU

Being Ftwo's top-notch freestyle binding, this magic device is built for wreaking serious havoc come what may. Whether you're in the streets, parks or backcountry, the SP Brotherhood 16/17 snowboard binding has got your back. With its flex ranging in the lower center span and its highly adaptive 3D molded straps keeping you grounded, the Brotherhood is perfect for learning new tricks and mastering old ones with style. It's the SP team's favorite binding for a good reason.




  • sLab base
  • team highback
  • ultralight ankle strap
  • evo buckle
  • CMF tilt footbed
  • 2c toe strap
779.00 Lei
  • NOU

Quality and comfort for 3 decades running, Burton can''t be stopped. The Burton Outpost Snowboard Bindings are back to wow with premium construction and tech at a PBR price. With forgiving flex and consistent single-component baseplate with EVA padding, the Burton Outpost Snowboard Bindings are everything you need and nothing you dont. 

Key Features of the Burton Outpost:
  • BASEPLATE: Single-component lightweight, bomb-proof polycarbonate.
  • HI-BACK: Single-component team Skyback.
  • STRAPS: Lushstrap and toe strap.
  • BUCKLES: Smooth GlideTM Buckles.
  • CUSHIONING: EVA baseplate padding.


559.00 Lei
  • NOU

The Gipsy offers a classic all-mountain design, specially tailored to the needs of female riders, with a narrow sidecut and soft flex. Thanks to the Coretex 9000 laminate, it is very lightweight and its silky soft riding behavior gives you the confidence to tackle what the mountain has to offer.

1390.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • - 57%
  • NOU


920.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • - 35%
  • NOU
920.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • - 35%
  • NOU
  • - 50%
  • NOU
1530.00 Lei 695.00 Lei
  • - 55%
  • NOU
1860.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • - 68%
  • NOU
1860.00 Lei 699.00 Lei
  • - 62%
  • NOU
830.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • -28%
  • NOU

No more struggle with rented boards. The new junior boards by TRANS are the perfect buddies to accompany you on every terrain. They are lightweight, turn almost by themselves and have a very pliable flex which puts quite a few well-known board types in the shade.

830.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • - 28%
  • NOU
920.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • -35%
  • NOU
920.00 Lei 599.00 Lei
  • - 35%
  • NOU
930.00 Lei 640.00 Lei
  • -31%
  • NOU

new ica leather for extra-long lifetime and high-grade optic in combination with different parts of immitational leather | 3D preshaped thick padded fleece inner shoe | best heel fixation due to padding system | ultralight, low sole | preshaped tounge with continious padding | long lasting, flexible and handy speedlaces stored in two pockets | microflexible, costly and reinforced cordura shaft | diverse allover prints and sticks | two way fastlace system

930.00 Lei 640.00 Lei
  • - 31%
  • NOU
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